Dining in Copenhagen

Before I left for Copenhagen, I researched as many restaurants as I could since 1) I’m an over planner, 2) I have a sort of complicated diet (no meat except fish, no eggs, and some dairy products). So usually I have some trouble finding things on menus besides (most) salads.

Of course we went to none of the restaurants that I researched, but this ended up being the best thing. The city has some amazing restaurants, I wish that I could have tried more!

On the first night that we arrived, we went to a little traditional danish food place but after that I wanted to branch out and explore. I found that in researching restaurants, the time that they claimed to close on their websites, google maps, and other sites, was not always accurate. I was also found that if you can book a table, then do it! Walk-ins, even on a Tuesday night in mid-October, may have you waiting outside in the rain for 45 minutes while you wait for a table. We ended up walking around that night to find ourselves a bar in the area to waste the time, and lucky for us, we got some great gin and tonics.

Slurp Ramen Joint

This one was my absolute favorite! The atmosphere for the place is wonderful even with its small space! So aesthetically pleasing. The menu is limited but that’s not a problem when everything on it is tasty!

I ordered the Veggie Ramen and it was absolutely amazing. It even rivals the ramen that I had while I was in Tokyo.

The staff were so friendly and knowledgeable about the dishes.
Slurp has a walk-in concept and is popular so be prepared to wait. We waited for about 30 minutes on a Wednesday night, but it was well worth it!


I booked a table for this restaurant and so glad that I did. When we arrived the place was full except for one tiny table near the window. At entry, the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful.

It was about 8-9pm, we had walked around all day so I was pretty tired. I only had a tiny idea of what I wanted to eat and drink. So when the waiter came around, I asked him for a recommendation. He absolutely nailed it! I got an amazing white fish dish and the perfect dry white so go with it.

The plates are a bit small so ordering both starters and mains is recommended. 

This place being quite pricy is the only downside. 


Copenhagen Street Food

We decided to go here for lunch on our last full day. Best idea! Walking in you are hit with this authentic street style food court vibe. They have “stands” from pretty much everywhere, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Turkey, Korea, Italian… pretty much everywhere. There isan ATM inside the building at the entrance so if you don’t feel like paying with PIN, then cash is an option. Seating is where ever you can find it, on these park style benches. The place is a little overwhelming with all the options but amazing.

A bonus for me was they had a cheesecake stand… so many options and not expensive at all. The pricing of most of the stands aren’t that expensive but it wasn’t exactly cheap. It’s very much worth a trip! Plus the view from the location is beautiful.

Copenhagen has some amazing places to dine, with so many different options of restaurants within the city, its really worth the prices.

If like this, follow my blog, I’d really appreciate it!

Sofi x

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