Dining in Amsterdam

Restaurants in Amsterdam
Amsterdam is a fantastic place to eat out, with over 1000 restaurants that cater to every budget and taste. From fine dining to authentic Dutch cafés, its easy to get a bite on the go or sit down for multi-course experience, it all can be found in Amsterdam.

Before you go
It is always necessary to make reservations for restaurants in Amsterdam, however, many places can get full during prime hours. If the place is notorious for being busy, it’s better to reserve in advance. This can be done easily on the website of the restaurant, by phone or with Couverts. The Couverts app is also available to be downloaded on your phone and it can also be used for cities within the Netherlands.

Opening hours
The majority of restaurants in Amsterdam are open from 18:00 to 23:00 but kitchens often close at 22:00. Cafés and Breakfast places open early and stay open all day. Within the busy part of the city, places stay open longer but the hours are quite consistent throughout the city.

In Amsterdam, service charge is not included within the bill. There is a lot of information around about the percentage to tip but as someone who worked in the hospitality industry in Amsterdam for over 6 years, I can say that tipping is a must. Tipping about 5%-15% in cash on a bill is highly appreciated. In some companies, when the tip is given with card, the staff may only see a portion of that tip. Usually, if the service was great from your waiter/waitress its better to directly hand them the money and say that it is for them only. I have had employers who would take the tips from the staff to then later divide it and take their own unknown portion from the tip pool. When the tip is directly handed to the server, they usually are allowed to keep it. This does depend on the individual company and less on the type of establishment.


Cheap eats in Amsterdam

Rob Wigboldus Vishandel – Located in the center of Amsterdam (near the Damrak) , its a great place to get traditional Dutch herring.

Frens Haringhandel – For over 40 years, they have been serving some of the best traditional Dutch herring.

Burger Bar – With multiple locations, this is one of the best places to get a burger in the city.

Bagels & Beans – Another multi-location restaurant, they serve amazing bagels! They also offer a real bug bagel for the brave few.

Wok to Walk – Fantastic Asian style fast food noodle restaurant, great for a late night snack!

FEBO – Like a Dutch McDonalds. Located almost everywhere, quick, greasy and easy food.

Bulls and Dogs – This is my favorite one! The food here is amazing. You can get everything from tasty cocktails, hot dogs (also veggie options), sweet potato fries, to milkshakes dripping in chocolate, sprinkled with cookie crumbs and other mouth watering ingredients. It’s a must visit!


Mid-range to Fine Dining

Akitsu – I was actually here Sunday night, the sushi was the best I’ve ever had in the city! The staff is extremely friendly and there is a great menu.

The Seafood Bar Spui – Fantastic seafood restaurant! Very tasty and great quality.

The Avocado Show – Nice breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant. It’s a little theme-y (everything is avocado obviously), your fellow diners will be taking pictures of their food, your food, you, the decor, everything. It can be a little (or very) intrusive but the staff is nice and the food is worth a visit. Be prepared to wait in line for a table though.

Krua Thai Classic Restaurant – One of the best Thai places in the city! Food is tasty but it can get busy. So it i’s best to make a reservation.

With so many great places to eat in Amsterdam, it is highly recommended to explore!

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Sofi x

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