Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush Review

For a while, I’ve been looking to change my everyday make-up routine. I’ve been shifting to a more subtle, natural make-up look that takes half the time to do since winter holiday is coming to an end and then its back to uni. After mostly getting this new routine solidified, I decided that I need a new blush.

I wanted something easy to blend, not glittery and one that would give me the most natural look without a steep learning curve like with the liquid blushes, I settled on cream blushes. I have oily skin so for the longest time, cream anything seemed like a disaster. I completely changed my mind when after I bought my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Blushed Rose. I now know why its a cult classic! Blushed Rose is an amazing colors for olive/tan skin. This product has more of a dry formula and gives a matte finish. The only issue to just collecting the Bobbi Brown cream blushes is the price point (€32 at Douglas).

I went to the drugstores in search of something similar and after I swatched the Max Factor creme blushes, I decided to try them.

2018-01-25 011048649036..jpg
Soft Copper (Left), Soft Pink (Right)

After wearing them for a while, I can truly say that this product fit into everything that I was looking. Easy use, blend-able, super natural looking, gives a slight glow, perfect to travel, not oily after a few hours and long-lasting. The shades that I choose didn’t have glitter but one of the shades did, so if choosing, I would swatch them at the store before picking it up.

Soft Copper Swatch and Blended into Skin
Soft Pink Swatch and Blended into Skin

When applying, I found that although the color seems very bright in the packaging, when blended out its very natural. I really don’t mind that the pigmentation dulls down when blended because even with more than one layer, it doesn’t get cake-y. It’s also easier to build up than to try and correct.

Both of these blushes lasted all day on me without fading. The product stays put and doesn’t more around on the face.

I wear these when I want to go for a natural look so it will be on days that I either wear a BB cream or just lotion.

When going for a no natural no makeup look, these blushes really do the job!

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I’m Saphie Reneé, an American living in the Netherlands.

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