2018 Travel Destination List

It is my goal this year to tick off a few countries off of my destination wishlist. I have felt for the last few years that I’ve not been accomplishing much in terms of traveling and gaining new experiences abroad. This year isn’t very different from the last… limited time, funds, and difficult scheduling. The only difference is me actually prioritizing traveling.
The first step for me was making a 2018 (realistic) wishlist.
Earlier this month, I went to Iceland which has been at the top spot on my lifetime traveling goals list. Perhaps that trip really ignited something in me to go out and live.


Vienna, Austria – As a child, I would listen to my grandfather go on for what seemed like hours about how much he loved Vienna, so I’ve always been a bit curious about this city. After learning that Vienna is the city of music, art, shopping, culture, architecture, palaces, cafes, cake and overall beauty, I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for me to plan a trip there.

Norway – I’m reserving this trip for the winter months for two main reasons. The northern lights and the whole arctic experience. The northern part of the country is a great place to see is magnificent natural phenomenon and the landscape of the country has always been something I’ve wanted to experience. The last 7 years of living in the Netherlands, has made me accustomed to seeing a lot of flat land so the chance of seeing mountains has me so excited.

Prague, the Czech Republic – Another beautiful city with it’s medieval architecture with it’s cathedrals, courtyards, church domes, and more. Being a city full of music, art, and food makes it a vibrant and an attractive place to visit. A magical place to visit all year round, it makes it so easy to plan a trip there.

Malta – This tiny country with beautiful landscapes, clear blue waters, Mediterranean climate, half year beach season, and rich history is a great destination. Flights from the Netherlands are pretty cheap and depending on your budget, you can get stunning accommodation. It has been years since I’ve had a true sun holiday and the clear waters have been calling my name.

Seoul, South Korea – As the only long distance travel location on this list, I’ve become more interested in visiting this location in the last year. The culture, tradition, fashion, cosmetics, and food has really drawn me to want to travel to Korea.


Published by Saphie Renee

I’m Saphie Reneé, an American living in the Netherlands.

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