Must-Have Free Apps When Traveling in Europe

Apps for smartphones can be incredibly useful while you’re traveling. You can optimize the usefulness of you’re phone by downloading certain apps, such as ones with restaurant reviews, transportation information, and conversion tools. With the wide availability of WiFi in most of Europe, the use of these apps will generally not be a problem.

For all of my travels around Europe (and even just living here), I’ve used these apps. I found them all the most reliable and current in information so I continue to use these. There are a lot of apps available for the specific locations that you would like to travel and although those are useful, I find myself using these a lot more. All of these are available on iOS and Android.

Travel Booking: Skyscanner – You can find a huge variety of budget airlines to find the cheapest flights and connections. You can view the cheapest days to fly throughout a month on the calendar view. You can also get alerts on prices from chosen location., Airbnb – for the best pricing in accommodation. Depending on the city and what you are looking for these two apps give you the best accommodation for your trip.

While Traveling: Downloading the apps from the airlines helps to organize tickets and flight itinerary. This allows for easy check-in and no need to print anything out. You will be able to scan your tickets from your phone when at the airport.

Transportation: Uber – is cheaper than taxis in some cities and easier to get. 9292 – Public transportation app that gives up-to-date tram, bus and metro times and route information in The Netherlands.
Train apps for the countries you are traveling. For the Netherlands, using the app can help you travel around the country and know of delays and distributions between lines. NS International – for those traveling with NS through The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, The Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

Currency Conversions: XE Currency this app instantly tells you the most current exchange rate. With the options of viewing more than one currency at the same time, its the perfect.

Reviews: TripAdvisor this app gives you access to reviews of restaurants, hotels, and attractions.

Weather: Take a walking tour or hit a museum? You can better plan your day with the Weather Channel, AccuWeather, and other forecast apps (free, Internet).

Maps and Navigation: Google Maps – the best navigation app, and the most reliable when traveling to anywhere from Iceland, to Amsterdam. You may need WiFi to connection to find new locations, but you can save an unlimited number of maps to use offline.

Communication: What’s App – Widely used in Europe (SMS isn’t used very much), this is the best app to keep in contact with free calling, video calling, texting, and status updates. It’s more reliable than some other calling apps.

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Published by Saphie Renee

I’m Saphie Reneé, an American living in the Netherlands.

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