Skincare Products to Try For Oily Skin

Having sensitive, oily and acne prone skin can make it finding the right skincare a little difficult. Before I found the right routine for my skin, by the middle of the day my skin would be an oily mess. I would use harsh cleanser that would irritate and dry out my skin thinking that the tight feeling meant that my skin was getting clean. The would cause my skin to produce more oil, creating a cycle. By the end of the day, my skin would feel so horribly uncomfortable, itchy and I would start breaking out. I was so fed up with the state of my skin since it seemed to just keep getting worse and my acne was going from mild to moderate. I did some research and slowly started a new routine product by product. I spent months testing new products, figuring out which ingredients my skin is more sensitive to and what really works for me. After all of this, my skin has become so clear and the scars that I once had have faded.
There are some products that I would like to try to add to my routine this year.

I have been using my Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist for almost 9 months now and it is such an amazing product. I use it after I apply my moisturizer and it locks in the moisture, makes my skin dewy and look so fresh. I like the ingredients that Origins uses and that they make products without fragrance since it can cause me to breakout and it often irritates my skin.
My current moisturizer i perfect for my winter routine since it is thick but doesn’t make me oily but I’m not sure it will work for spring or summer. In warmer weather, I always add a stronger sunscreen to my routine every morning so having a moisturizer that is oil-free will reduce the shine. My skin also produces more oil as it gets warmer so I want something more lightweight. The Oil-free Moisture Lotion by Origins is supposed to be good for oily, acne prone skin. It is lightweight, and oil-free, contains Salicylic Acid. Origins claims that this moisturizer reduces shine, helps with skin texture and has a matte finish.screencapture-origins-product-15352-11632-skincare-moisturize-moisturizers-zero-oil-oil-free-moisture-lotion-with-saw-palmetto-mint-1518099395416

Sunscreen is huge in my routine year round. During the sunny months when the UV rays are stronger, I like to opt for a stronger sunscreen. Besides reducing the risk of cancers, sun damage to the skin, signs of aging and wrinkles, I need sunscreen due to an allergy. The one I have been using has finished so I would like to try the UV Plus SPF50 by Clarins. This product claims to protect cells, prevent redness, tightness of the skin, and dehydration caused by UV rays and pollution.screencapture-douglas-nl-Verzorging-Zonverzorging-Zonbescherming-Clarins-Zonverzorging-UV-Plus-SPF50_productbrand_3000059898-html-1518102546641

I have a hard time with toners. For one, I am very much new to using toners so I have not experimented very much with them. I have tried a few products from the drugstore but none have really worked for me or have I seen any results from them. I usually just use cleansing waters. I am currently using the Micellar Cleansing Water for Combination Skin by Garnier. I use it to take off my make-up before I wash my face with a gentle clay and honey cleanser.
I would like to try the Breath of Fresh Air Toner from Lush. It contains rose water, organic aloe gel, and seaweed extract. Its claimed to be refreshing and cleansing.2359.png

I have been using the same cleanser by Freeman for months but I find it more something easier to use for a nighttime routine than for the morning. I have used Clinique cleansers before and they have worked pretty well for me and soft on my skin. I find them a little expensive but the results make it worth it. Plus I had a sample size of one cleanser and it lasted me about 2 months.
I have been eyeing the Clinique Oil-Control Cleansing Mask, it helps to heal and prevent breakouts, and reduce oil. The formula is gentle and non-drying.screencapture-douglas-nl-Verzorging-Gezicht-Gezichtsmaskers-Clinique-Oplossingen-voor-Puistjes-Oil-Control-Cleansing-Mask_productbrand_3000027281-html-1518120566136

Achieving the most perfect routine has and still is a work in progress for me, but I am getting closer to the obtaining optimum results for my skin. Maybe some of these products will prove not to work for my skin or to not work in combination with the other products that I use but it’s worth trying.

If you use or have used any of these products, let me know if they worked for you.

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