My Skincare Routine: Cleansers

The last few month I’ve been getting more into skincare and trying new things. There are so many products available and it can be hard to find what really works for you. Especially because far too often for me, I like a product initially then realize that its making me either oilier, gives me a rash or makes me breakout.

Keeping to a consistent schedule of this has really improved the quality of my skin. My acne scars have faded so quickly now that I’ve implemented a proper day and night schedule. Finally being able to leave the house without foundation or BB cream and not feel self conscious has been amazing.



Freeman Deep Clearing Clay Mask
Freeman clay masks have been my tried and true for years. I’ve tired every single face mask, peel or scrub from this brand that’s available at my local Kruitvat, but this one is by far my favorite. The Deep Clearing Mask is so gentle on my skin and really gets it clean without being drying. I get that super smooth feel after using it.

I use it twice a day at most and my skin has dramatically cleared up since I started using it. The mask is so thick in consistency that the bottle lasts me about 4-5 months with everyday use. I also love that Freeman products are free of harsh chemicals and cruelty free.screencapture-garnier-co-uk-skin-care-beauty-garnier-skinactive-green-tea-leaf-garnier-naturals-green-tea-leaves-gel-wash-1519159047748.png

Garnier SkinActive Purifying botanical gel wash with Green Tea Leaf
For days that I need a little more strength from a cleanser, I will use the Garnier SkinActive Green Tea leaf. I like the gel texture of it, that has a bit of a foam when washing the skin. It’s not harsh on my skin but I try not to use it more than twice a week since it does dry out my skin slightly. After using it my skin is visibly brighter and soft but I will have to moisturize straight after because it strips all the oils from my skin.

This product has no parabens, silicones or artificial colourants. The product also claims to have 96% ingredients natural origin and Green Tea extract.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Combination to Oily Skin

To take off the leftover make-up or any leftover after I washed my face, I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Oily skin. I’ve used used both the pink and green versions, but overall I do prefer the green one much better since it works better on my skin type. It’s a great makeup remover – usually I only need to use 2 cotton pads to completely remove my make-up.

This product leaves no residue on the skin, doesn’t give me the tight feeling, no tingling feeling, or irritation afterwards. The whole bottle will last me about 3 months and I can always find it on sale.

If you have any suggestions for cleansers, please comment.

Muscle Inc Protein

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