72 Hours in Vienna

Earlier this month I took a mini trip to Vienna. I’ve been hearing about how amazing this city is from so many of my family members that once lived there. I thought the spring holiday break would be the perfect time to do a little city exploration. Unfortunately, during this trip, Europe had been hit with extremely cold weather so walking around the city wasn’t really do-able.

The city is incredibly beautiful with it’s architecture, culture and atmosphere.ezgif.com-video-to-gif

When it came to accommodation, there are so many good options on Airbnb for a reasonable price. Hotels are a bit expensive but if you have a discount then it may be worth it.

When it comes to food, Vienna really stunned me. There are so many restaurants to choose from and so many different cuisines. The only issue was booking a table. Almost all the restaurants of my choice were booked up. I advice to book a little in advance to snag yourself a seat at one of the top restaurants.

The places that really stood out to me where:

Schillinger’s Swing Kitchen – An American, fast-food style joint with great vegan burgers. We went for a quick lunch on the first day and the food was so tasty… but I would skip getting a coffee there.

Restaurant Lebenbauer – This place was amazing! We didn’t have a reservation and were so lucky to snag a table. The owner sat us and clearly described the menu. The staff were so attentive and took really good care of us. The food was great, they really do fusion right. It’s really worth a visit.

Door No 8 Restaurant – This is a MUST visit! Book a table in advance because the place is high in demand. The service was good, the atmosphere is so stunning, romantic and thought-out. The food was amazing and the presentation was everything! From the starter, to the main to the desert and espresso, it was all high-quality and prepared to perfection.

Due to it being extremely cold and there being a weather warning, we did not manage to do much as of nightlife. However, when it comes to culture, Vienna has so much to offer. We spent the three days in and out of museums.ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1).gif

The city has so many beautiful museums and collections on display. The entrance fees can get a little expensive if you are looking to visit a few but check the dates and times for free entrance.

If you are looking to just visit a few during your stay, don’t skip on:

Schönbrunn Palace – As Vienna’s number-one attraction, it really lives up to the hype. Entrance can be costly and a bit confusing at first because of the different types of tickets. I would suggest buying the tickets online during the higher seasons, or you will be waiting in line for so long.

Leopold Museum – We were lucky enough to get into this museum for free but the line was ridiculously long. Free entrance started at 7pm and we got there maybe two minutes early and the line was outside the door. The place was packed! The collections are well worth the visit.

KunstHausWien – This museum was designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The ticket price isn’t too high and if you are a student, don’t forget that you can get a good discount.

mumok – I have to say that I wasn’t completely into all the collections in this museum, but with 4 floors, you are bound to like something.

Overall, Vienna was more than I ever expected and I’ve taken away so many beautiful memories from this incredible city.

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