Uncurly Brazilian Keratin Treatment Review

Although I really like my thick curly hair, I’ve become more and more tired of taking care of it. As my hair grew and I was able to retain length, it’s become more time consuming to keep it healthy. I’ve become quite lazy and tired of it. I’ve also wanted to wear my hair in straight styles for work but it’s too complicated with the humidity, rain and all-around unfriendly weather to flat ironed hair. My hair has become more of a chore as the morning styling time has increased.

So after doing some research, I decided to purchase a at-home Brazilian Keratin Treatment. At first I was hesitant about the treatment then about the brand but I finally decided to go for it. I went with an at-home treatment since I can’t find a salon that specializes in my hair type (3c) and it cost over 300 euro for the treatment in salons that did it. I made sure that I was well aware of the risks and hazards, the pros and the cons. The main pro of this treatment was that it is not a permanent hair treatment. I have commitment issues when it comes to my hair.

I purchased Uncurly Brazilian Keratin Treatment from their online site, after seeing very positive reviews. It took a week for it to come from their distribution location to me. The pre-shampoo and classic treatment both 4oz cost aprox. 62 euro ($73.99) plus $8.14 shipping, but there are many options for product combo and sizes.

The Process

When the product arrived, I thought that the product would not be enough for my whole head. After going through the steps, I still had half a bottle leftover.

The whole process was lengthy and took me about 2.5 hours, with the wash, drying, applying, drying then straightening. The kit comes with very detailed steps and directions so it’s easy to do. The smell of the product isn’t something that I would call pleasant.  The smell when is harsh (especially when applying the heat) and burned my eyes even before applying heat and i got a bit dizzy. For the whole process since I didn’t have a fan, I sat outside. Ventilation is a must! (Use a face mask if you can) I would use a fan and sit outside at the same time. The use of gloves is a must, since if the product gets on your skin, for a few days the skin will feel so dry and uncomfortable.

The Results

It has been more than 4 months since I did the process, and I do really like the results. The treatment loosened my curl pattern a bit, increased the shine of the hair and reduced frizz by A LOT. It’s cut down the amount of product I need on my hair on a daily basis and also how much time it takes to do my hair in the morning.

When I straighten my hair humidity does not cause frizz, and it stays straight even when a small amount of water touches it. I only don’t like how flat my hair is when it is straight.When I wear my hair in it’s natural state, it is bouncy, less frizzy, much more defined, shiny and shrinkage isn’t as bad.

I did have to change up the way I take care of my hair, since many of my normal products are too heavy now. I also stopped using sulfate hair products to help prolong the treatment.

2018-06-10 033728600995088680527..jpg

Do it again?

The downsides of the treatment is that its a keratin treatment, so you have to really have to do your research about the harmfulness of the treatment and decide for yourself if it really worth it. The process is also a bit difficult to do on your own, so many doing it in a salon is better for some.

For me, I would only do the treatment sparingly, which seems to be OK since it seems to be long lasting on my hair.

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