5 Days in Madrid

At the end of May, I took a short trip to Madrid as part of a requirement for my University.

When doing my research, the end of May seemed to be a perfect time to travel there, with it not being so crowded and the spring weather. After doing research about accommodation, going with an Airbnb was the best option. There were so many amazing places to choose from at a decent rate. Of course, the earlier you book the more options there will be.

Staying in the Centro area was such a great idea. It was easy to get around and grab a quick bite or coffee. The shops, cafes, restaurants, park, museums, and sights are walking distance.

The weather was very comfortable, with most days being around 23-25°C, with the weather being colder (16-20°C) in the morning and progressively getting warmer towards the end of the day (27°C max).

I noticed that some people were wearing summer clothes, but mostly jeans, pants, blouses, t-shirts, and even light jackets were what most women wore. It’s a good idea not to pack too may summer-y items since the weather isn’t warm enough until the very end of the day (. You might be a bit cold and uncomfortable (if you’re intention is to blend in).

My favorites from the trip were:
Restaurante Tacos & Tapas – The food here is unbelievable! So delicious! The atmosphere is perfect for a date or dinner with friends. The place is so cosy and the staff so attentive. The highlight of this place for me is the tamarind margarita. It was a great find.

Mercado San Miguel – Some things can be a little expensive but overall its a great food market. There are so many different stalls with so many different foods and drinks. It’s such a lovely place to have lunch, snack, drinks or even dinner.

Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid – This botanical garden was such a great visit. It’s such a nice break from the city. The tickets were very budget friendly. If you love plants, then this is a must visit on your trip to Madrid.

Parque del Retiro – As probably the #1 attraction for the city, it is easy to see why. The park is so beautifully landscaped, it was not at all crowded during my visit. During the spring and summer it would be a fantastic place to enjoy and relax in with friends or a good book.

I really fell in-love with this city. The architecture, people and overall beauty of Madrid makes it such an amazing place.  It’s a place that I would not hesitate to visit again.
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