Tricks to Keeping Hair Humidity-Proof

I live in a country that has constant high humidity which makes keeping hair from frizzing up a daily battle especially with natural hair. After a lot of trial and error, as well as hours of research, I’ve found some tricks that help keep my hair from becoming a giant frizz-ball. These tricks can be applied to both hair in its naturally curly state and when flat ironed.

Hair Spray
Using a holding hairspray (preferably an anti-frizz) can keep moisture the from the air from effecting those strands by creating a barrier between the strands and the outside air. I really reserve the use of hairspray for when I wear straight styles as it can cause tangles and dryness for the curls. To keep my straight styles lasting long in 70+ humidity is a strong but flexible hairspray, coated in a thin layer of oil.

Oils are a great way of creating a bit of a barrier between the hair and humidity. Finding the right type of oil that doesn’t weigh down the hair can be a bit difficult. When I wear straight styles, I only use oils that are designed to be lightweight and non-greasy. With my curls, I found that the best oils to use are almond and jojoba, as they are long-lasting on the hair, moisturizing, don’t break my skin out, and not too heavy.

Regular Deep Conditioning
Maintaining moisture in the hair is the base of preventing frizz. If the hair underneath all the products is dry and thirsty, then the results will not be there. Dry hair is more prone to frizzing. A regular deep conditioning routine can make a huge difference on how your hair acts, styles hold and products perform. Find a treatment that is exactly suited to your hair’s needs.

Hair-smoothing products
An anti-frizz product or product designed to prolong straight styles can help get the most smooth results. Applying it to hair when its still wet stops the frizz before it forms. This product will keep the hair smooth even in higher humidity.

Don’t Let it Blow in the Wind
Wearing your hair up when you are outside can help keep the frizz to a minimum. Tight curls are more frizz-prone, so being realistic about what hair styles you can wear during really high humidity days can save your hair day.

Straighten Hair While Blow Drying
Blow drying hair straight with the use of a brush, then going over it with a flat iron can help keep the straight style longer. Although it may take more time, its better to do this in smaller sections as the results are better.

Air Drying for Curly Styles
If you have the time, letting your curls air dry reduces frizz (and heat the hair is exposed to). Air drying can keep curls beautifully defined. Since this can take hours and hours, I usually style my wash and go’s at night (around 7pm), leave it loose and let it air-dry until I head to bed. Then putting it into a pineapple and wrapping my scarf around my hair, leaving the hair mostly out at the top. Usually in the morning, my hair will dry before I leave the house and the curls stay very defined, voluminous and shiny.

What are your tips for keeping hair frizz-proof on humid days?

Published by Saphie Renee

I’m Saphie Reneé, an American living in the Netherlands.

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