Benefits of Henna for Damaged and Dry Hair

Henna is a natural plant dye. The leaves of the plant releases a reddish translucent dye that will binds to the hair permanently. Since it is natural and translucent, the colour outcome will vary according each individual hair colour.

Henna is one of the best beauty products to incorporate into a hair routine to promote shine, length retention, adding moisture, a better texture and overall health of the hair. Henna has so many benefits when applied to the hair, aside from adding a beautiful colour to the hair.

What does Henna do?

Henna improves the overall health of hair by sealing the cuticle, increasing shine, smoothing the hair, improve elasticity, prevents hair loss and breakage, prevents dandruff, prevent split ends and adding strength. Not only does henna promote hair growth, but it also will help you keep your growth. When applied to the hair, henna creates a protective barrier around the hair shafts which keeps in moisture, reducing the amount of frizz and dryness in the hair. Henna fills in the cracks and holes on the hair shaft increasing the strength of the hair and fixing damage.

When it comes to curly hair or damaged hair, henna does wonders! Henna makes styling and maintaining hair easier.

What Henna to buy?

When it comes to buying henna, the 100% natural and organic henna are better. Most hennas are perfectly safe, but always check the ingredients list when purchasing. There are brands that include unsafe ingredients, so always do your research.

These are my favorite henna brands to use:

The effects of henna on the hair may not show up immediately (from my experience) but after doing a few applications of  the results will be hard to miss. Henna gave me thicker, more elastic and shiner strands. It did wonders for my hair, since it reduced the amount of split ends and breakage that I was experiencing. This greatly increased the growth that I saw.

When it comes to henna, it is very important to understand that it is a commitment. Henna is permanent so if he color isn’t something that you are looking for there are other natural alternative, but I found that Henna works the best and my curl definition has never been better.



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