Amazing Benefits Of Glycerin For Oily Skin

Glycerin (also known as glycerol) is a popular ingredient in many skin care products. This ingredient is useful in treating different problems that oily skin faces. From treating acne, wrinkles and fine lines, glycerin gives you moisturize and cleansed skin without side effects.

The Benefits Of Glycerin For Oily Skin:
1. Water retention
Helping to retain water within the skin, glycerin draws water from the air into the skin. This reduces the moisture loss due to evaporation in skin, keeping it hydrated and less prone to producing excess oil.

2. Gentle, non-toxic and non-comedogenic
Glycerin is non-toxic and non-comedogenic which makes it prefect in skin care products for oily skin. It is not harsh or irritating to oily skin.

3. Skin Structure
Glycerin can improve and protect the skin by filling up the intercellular matrix. It holds the perfect amount of moisture required to hydrate oily skin without causing it to be greasy.

4. Treats Skin Issues
It has the ability to treat many oily skin problems such as acne, breakouts, dullness,  pimples, redness, irritation and bacterial skin infections.

5. Moisturizing and smoothing
Glycerin is very hydrating for oily skin and can be added to any skin produce to improve the health of your skin. It also helps to smooth the skin by filling in the skin’s microscopic pores.

Dos and Don’ts Of Glycerin:
Always dilute glycerin with water or rose water.
Only apply a small amount of glycerin.
Always wash off the glycerin thoroughly.

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