How to keep hair moisturized when straightened

Moisturizing hair when straightened without it reverting and turning into a frizzy mess can be tricky. There are ways that we can hair both frizz-free straighten hair and moisturized hair.

What to do

Moisturizing oils (grape seed, coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil) are great for adding moisture and shine.

Products that have water lower on the list, or that are listed as moisturizing products without water,

Doing a deep conditioning treatment before doing the straightening process to ensure that your hair starts off with maximum moisture.

Wearing a silk scarf or sleep with a silk pillowcase at night. Cotton absorbs the moisture from your hair while silk doesn’t. Also it will reduce the frizz you experience.

Use a light amount of water-based creams. Although the cream is made with the very thing that causes hair to revert, there is a trick! Using a small amount of cream and then wrapping or pin-curling hair will keep it moisturized but not frizzy. Whenever I use this trick, my hair is actually very shiny and bouncy.

What to avoid

Stay away from heavy oils or excess amounts of creams, since they will weigh the hair down, make it look greasy and decrease the amount of time that your hair will hold the straight styles.

Avoid humidity. Anything that leads to re-straightening hair will lead to it becoming drier.



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