5 tips to treating heat damaged hair

Unfortunately, when trying to wear those straight styles by applying heat, hair can become damaged relatively quickly. Even worse, it can take what seems like forever to but bringing the curls back to good health and life. Many of us don’t want to do a big chop and start over to get rid of those limp ends, so here are some tips to fix that heat damage!

Stay away from heat
The first step to fixing heat damage is to stop using heat. Applying more heat can just make the issue worse, so take a break from the blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners!

Stay away from harsh chemicals
When your hair is damaged, adding harsh chemicals such as relaxers, dyes, and bleach is not a good idea as they add further damage to the hair. Using products that are ammonia-free, demi-permanent or preferably just ‘natural’ is healthier for your hair.

Masks to the rescue
Use masks that focus on adding back moisture into the hair with ingredients like keratin, shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Oil treatments are also great at repairing the hair. Using masks once or twice a week can improve the state of your hair.

Thermal Protection
Thermal protector products work by coating the hair follicle with polymers that shield hair from heat damage. Heat causes damage to the hair by drying out the moisture from the hair.

Silicone helps by sealing the cuticles and protect the hair against damage. It helps to protect the hair from becoming brittle and splitting. Silicone hair products help the hair retain moisture and prevent dryness.

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