Maintaining Straightened Hair during Winter

During the fall and winter, the humidity can be high depending on what part of the world you’re located in. Straightening naturally curly can be a lot of work, so you don’t want all that time and effort being wasted. Here are some tips to keeping your straightened locks frizz-free is chilly season.

Wrap your hair at night

Wrap your hair before you sleep helps you to keep the straight style longer and reduce frizz. It can also give your hair volume, body and keeps it sleek.

Curl your hair at night

For those who aren’t into the bone straight style, putting the hair into bantu knots or a twisted bun at night can produce effortless waves in the morning. This can also be used to prolong the life of the straightened style.

Anti-Humectant Products

Products that are specifically designed to fight humidity can help keep hair sleek and frizz-free during those high humidity months.

Oils and Serums

When your hair is straightened, most opt to keep it as lightweight as possible. This is done by avoiding heavy products that add weight to the strands. The use of light oils and serums made especially for straight/fine hair are what to look for.

A little bit of hairspray

Adding a light layer of flexible hold hairspray to the hair can fight the humidity. By adding hairspray to the hair, you will be creating a layer of protection between your hair and the elements. Just make sure it is one that does not have a strong hold and preferably one labeled as “humidity resistant”.

Avoid Water-Based Products

While your hair is straightened, its best to avoid using products that are water-based. These products will just revert your hair back to its natural texture.

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I’m Saphie Reneé, an American living in the Netherlands.

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