Best Kiko Milano Products

Kiko Milano is one of those brands that when its store arrived in my city, I had to check out. Now years later, many shop visits and purchases later, I’ve pretty much checked out everything in their permanent line. My conclusion is that it’s one of those brands that hard amazing products but also some not so great products. It’s a hit or miss with Kiko.

Not including an limited edition products, here are the best products that Kiko Milano has to offer:



 This liquid concealer is perfect for a natural finish. It’s not full coverage, but if you are looking for a light/medium coverage with a moisturized, natural looking finish then its a safe bet. Their color selection is not incredibly extensive but it’s not the worst (they actually have tan-brown complexion colors).



Not only is this blush budget friendly, but it’s stunning. This blush is pigmented so you don’t need to apply too much. It applies smoothly onto the skin without leaving streaks or patchiness. Plus, it’s long-lasting! It’s available in 12 colors with glossy or matte finishes.


As some of my favorite eyeshadows in my collection, these are so amazing! They come in 32 different colors. Lots of warm tones, nudes, cool tones, interesting colors, duotones, and more. You can also use these wet for a more metallic look. Super pigmented, a little goes a long way. I seriously love these!



Although the packaging isn’t my favorite, its a great lipstick. Doesn’t feel dry on the lips, good pigmentation and long-lasting. This lipstick has a creamy texture when applying and sets on the lips, without feeling heavy. It comes in so many beautiful colours!

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