6 things your curly hair needs in winter

Winter can be a really drying time for your hair, so during the winter months we should be taking extra care of our strands.

If your hair is becoming dry, brittle, and straw-like due to winter’s frigid air, the following things can be done

1. Deep condition

Deep conditioners are essential in the winter time. Thick deep conditioners usually work best at this time of year. If you are noticing your hair is very dry, increase the frequency of your deep conditioning sessions.

2. A thick leave-in moisturizer

Winter is not the time for the thin, watery leave-in conditioners.

3. Oils or heavy sealing butters

Thick oils such as Caster oil, and heavy sealing butters like shea butter are fantastic for the winter months. They are great for keeping moisture locked in!

4. A satin-lined winter hat

Hats are essential in winter to help you stay warm. If your hat is not satin lined it will not only help to dry the hair out, it can also to cause damage. Adding a satin lining, bonet or scarf into your hats will keep your hair protected and your head warm.

5. Protective styling

Whether it is a bun, braids, wigs, or twists, having your hair in a style that protects your stands and in particular ends is important in this winter. To maintain your hairs moisture, health, and length, “out” styles are not the best option in the winter months.

6. A gentle cleanser

A milder shampoo, instead of the regular shampooing will help retain your hair’s moisture level. Make sure to keep that scalp clean but don’t strip your hair too much during this time of year.

Published by Saphie Renee

I’m Saphie Reneé, an American living in the Netherlands.

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