How to Keep High Porosity Hair Moisturized

Porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Hair can be low, medium, and high degrees of porosity. However, hair can change porosity due to damaging habits such as chemical treatments, mechanical manipulation and color treatment.

When it comes to high porosity hair, the hair cuticle is highly raised  or even chipped thus quickly absorbs moisture. Sadly, since it’s raised and remains raised, you can lose the moisture just as quickly as it was absorbed. The cuticles being so raised also leads to the strands catch onto each other and becoming easily tangled.

Here are 4 ways of caring for your high porosity hair:

Deep conditioning

This should be done routinely after every wash. Adding some heat to this process can really improve the reach of your deep conditioner. If you don’t have a hooded dryer, covering your hair with plastic cap or a warm towel for 15 minutes is enough. A thick deep conditioner is the best to reach for.

Protein treatments

Incorporating protein treatments in your hair care regimen is important to retain the strength of your hair and reduce breakage. Highly porous hair has holes in the hair shaft and protein temporarily fills those holes and strengthens the hair. Protein treatments can be done once a month. Don’t overdo it since protein is not a moisturizer and should not be treated as such.

Heavier products

Heavy moisturizing products will reinforce your sealing from the butter or oil and help compensate for the missing protective layer.

Sealing with thick butters or oils

Butters and oils such as Caster oils, olive oil and Sea Butter, can help seal the moisture in to your hair without releasing it back to the air. These butters and oils create a barrier between your hair strand and the outside air. So they are great especially during the winter seasons and harsh weather. and great for sealing. Search for sealing oils, instead of moisturizing oils.

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