How to Keep High Porosity Hair Moisturized

Porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Hair can be low, medium, and high degrees of porosity. However, hair can change porosity due to damaging habits such as chemical treatments, mechanical manipulation and color treatment. When it comes to high porosity hair, the hair cuticle is highly raised  or even chipped thusContinue reading “How to Keep High Porosity Hair Moisturized”

6 things your curly hair needs in winter

Winter can be a really drying time for your hair, so during the winter months we should be taking extra care of our strands. If your hair is becoming dry, brittle, and straw-like due to winter’s frigid air, the following things can be done 1. Deep condition Deep conditioners are essential in the winter time.Continue reading “6 things your curly hair needs in winter”

Sustainable bedroom: Basic ideas for making your bedroom low waste

The zero waste lifestyle embraces minimalism, rejects the need for disposable, challenges mainstream consumerism, and encourages people to come up with more sustainable solutions in their everyday life. No one is perfect, but small changes can bring big changes to your life. Hopefully these tips can guide and encourage you to refuse, reduce, reuse, andContinue reading “Sustainable bedroom: Basic ideas for making your bedroom low waste”

Zero Waste Alternatives to Everyday Products

Here’s a list of zero waste swaps for you to begin your zero waste journey in all areas of your life. Going zero waste does not mean throwing away everything you own and buying sustainable alternatives. These zero waste products are great for once your current items run out. Reusable grocery bags Reusable produce bags ReusableContinue reading “Zero Waste Alternatives to Everyday Products”

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil is many people holy grail oil for skin, hair, nails, cooking, and many others. Coconut oil can be used to achieve shinier, thicker and longer locks because it is enriched with lots of nutrients and moisturizing qualities. Here are some other benefits that coconut oil has that you may not know: Itchy ScalpContinue reading “Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair”

Universal Red Lipsticks

Red lips are beautiful all year round but they have an certain charm during the winter months. Personally, I’m one of those people that believes that everyone can pull off a red lip. There of course are colors that are more flattering to some skin tones and undertones, but there is one for everyone. IfContinue reading “Universal Red Lipsticks”

Tips On How To Transition To Natural Hair

Making the decision to transition from chemically processed hair to natural hair can be a big decision. Not only does hair hold so much value for many, but can effect our self-esteem, relationships, professions, but it can also change our daily routines. This can be why so many choose to go the transitioning route ratherContinue reading “Tips On How To Transition To Natural Hair”