20 Curly Hair Hacks and Tips

Comb hair from the bottom upwards. By starting from the bottom instead of at the top dragging the knots downwards, you are reducing possible damage and breakage. Use wide-tooth combs or your fingers to detangle, never use a brush or thinly toothed comb. Detangle hair in the shower. When hair is wet, preferably with conditioner,Continue reading “20 Curly Hair Hacks and Tips”

Benefits of Henna for Damaged and Dry Hair

Henna is a natural plant dye. The leaves of the plant releases a reddish translucent dye that will binds to the hair permanently. Since it is natural and translucent, the colour outcome will vary according each individual hair colour. Henna is one of the best beauty products to incorporate into a hair routine to promoteContinue reading “Benefits of Henna for Damaged and Dry Hair”

Best Oils for Curly Hair

For curly hair, oils are a major key to maintaining beautiful curls. Oils have the ability to resolve almost all your hair issues from frizz, lack of definition, lack of shine, lack of moisture retention, brittle hair, to split ends. There are two main types of jobs that oils do: moisturizing and sealing. Moisturizing oilsContinue reading “Best Oils for Curly Hair”

Tricks to Keeping Hair Humidity-Proof

I live in a country that has constant high humidity which makes keeping hair from frizzing up a daily battle especially with natural hair. After a lot of trial and error, as well as hours of research, I’ve found some tricks that help keep my hair from becoming a giant frizz-ball. These tricks can beContinue reading “Tricks to Keeping Hair Humidity-Proof”

5 Days in Madrid

At the end of May, I took a short trip to Madrid as part of a requirement for my University. When doing my research, the end of May seemed to be a perfect time to travel there, with it not being so crowded and the spring weather. After doing research about accommodation, going with anContinue reading “5 Days in Madrid”

Uncurly Brazilian Keratin Treatment Review

Although I really like my thick curly hair, I’ve become more and more tired of taking care of it. As my hair grew and I was able to retain length, it’s become more time consuming to keep it healthy. I’ve become quite lazy and tired of it. I’ve also wanted to wear my hair inContinue reading “Uncurly Brazilian Keratin Treatment Review”

Spring Makeup Looks

For months, I’ve been so excited about it finally being spring. Even though in the Netherlands the weather doesn’t seem to want to change, the preparation for spring has began. As I said in another post, spring time in Amsterdam is one of my favorite things ever. So I’ve been daydreaming about ditching this massiveContinue reading “Spring Makeup Looks”

72 Hours in Vienna

Earlier this month I took a mini trip to Vienna. I’ve been hearing about how amazing this city is from so many of my family members that once lived there. I thought the spring holiday break would be the perfect time to do a little city exploration. Unfortunately, during this trip, Europe had been hitContinue reading “72 Hours in Vienna”

Decluttering Make-up Collection

Following the path of minimalism and my 2018 project pan, it’s time for me to get rid of the make-up that is too old, never use or doesn’t work for me. I’ve come to enjoy a good decluttering. Makeup is expensive so that can make it difficult to part myself with it. A small cleaningContinue reading “Decluttering Make-up Collection”

My Skincare Routine: Cleansers

The last few month I’ve been getting more into skincare and trying new things. There are so many products available and it can be hard to find what really works for you. Especially because far too often for me, I like a product initially then realize that its making me either oilier, gives me aContinue reading “My Skincare Routine: Cleansers”