Skincare Products to Try For Oily Skin

Having sensitive, oily and acne prone skin can make it finding the right skincare a little difficult. Before I found the right routine for my skin, by the middle of the day my skin would be an oily mess. I would use harsh cleanser that would irritate and dry out my skin thinking that theContinue reading “Skincare Products to Try For Oily Skin”

Staying organized while studying

The new semester has already started for me, and with my new schedule, the amount of free time that I have has gone down significantly. I’m taking 2 minors and a few extra classes this semester. The way that my University is organized, we can not really choose individual classes to fit our schedules. WeContinue reading “Staying organized while studying”

Project Pan 2018

Cleaning out my vanity table a few weeks ago really made me think about the amount of makeup that I have and how little I actually use most of it. When I was working at my previous job, it made sense to have different lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, blush and highlighter shades. My collection was somewhatContinue reading “Project Pan 2018”

Must-Have Free Apps When Traveling in Europe

Apps for smartphones can be incredibly useful while you’re traveling. You can optimize the usefulness of you’re phone by downloading certain apps, such as ones with restaurant reviews, transportation information, and conversion tools. With the wide availability of WiFi in most of Europe, the use of these apps will generally not be a problem. ForContinue reading “Must-Have Free Apps When Traveling in Europe”

2018 Travel Destination List

It is my goal this year to tick off a few countries off of my destination wishlist. I have felt for the last few years that I’ve not been accomplishing much in terms of traveling and gaining new experiences abroad. This year isn’t very different from the last… limited time, funds, and difficult scheduling. TheContinue reading “2018 Travel Destination List”

Spring in Amsterdam

Spring is my absolute favorite season in the Netherlands. It’s not the high season, so things are far less crowded (except for King’s Day). There is still rain, because well… its the Netherlands. But April is apparently the driest month in the year, so that’s a plus. It’s not that cold so you can startContinue reading “Spring in Amsterdam”

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush Review

For a while, I’ve been looking to change my everyday make-up routine. I’ve been shifting to a more subtle, natural make-up look that takes half the time to do since winter holiday is coming to an end and then its back to uni. After mostly getting this new routine solidified, I decided that I needContinue reading “Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush Review”

Winter in Iceland: Is it really worth the trip?

Iceland has been my dream destination for more than 10 years. For one reason or another, I didn’t get the opportunity to travel to this marvelous land. However, this January I finally was able to live this dream for 8 days! A winter in Iceland may seem like a bad idea, but for others itContinue reading “Winter in Iceland: Is it really worth the trip?”

Dining in Amsterdam

Restaurants in Amsterdam Amsterdam is a fantastic place to eat out, with over 1000 restaurants that cater to every budget and taste. From fine dining to authentic Dutch cafés, its easy to get a bite on the go or sit down for multi-course experience, it all can be found in Amsterdam. Before you go ItContinue reading “Dining in Amsterdam”