Best Bars in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is littered with bars, which is amazing for those of us who live here because you can do something new every weekend. However, on a short trip its easy to miss something. Here is a list of my favorite bars in the city. Proost! Door 74 Door 74 is a speakeasyContinue reading “Best Bars in Amsterdam”

Dining in Copenhagen

Before I left for Copenhagen, I researched as many restaurants as I could since 1) I’m an over planner, 2) I have a sort of complicated diet (no meat except fish, no eggs, and some dairy products). So usually I have some trouble finding things on menus besides (most) salads. Of course we went toContinue reading “Dining in Copenhagen”

Skincare for oily skin

I have been dealing with moderate to mild acne for years. This acne is mainly due to hormones but I have noticed my daily habits and other factors contribute to it. Although a tiny break out here and there isn’t the biggest deal for me, it’s the scarring that sometimes happens afterwards. In this lastContinue reading “Skincare for oily skin”

4 days in Copenhagen

I was in Copenhagen earlier this week for a mini vacation. Being the first time that I ventured into Scandinavia, I had no idea what to expect with the weather, culture, etc. After 4 days there I can honestly say that I fell in love! We booked a room in a hotel that is locatedContinue reading “4 days in Copenhagen”

The Gloss

The last few of years was dominated by the matte lip, but gloss is coming back slowly. Gloss gives more dimension and a natural youth to any look. With the look coming back to the runway its a great time to invest (just a little bit) on this trend. Although, I’m mainly attracted to theContinue reading “The Gloss”