Common Mistakes that Damage Hair

Keeping hair healthy, shiny and bouncy is a priority for many of us. With all the washing, styling, heat tools, and handling that we do to our hair, it may be harder to maintain healthy hair. Even when we try to cut down on what damages our hair, many women still see split ends, breakage … Continue reading Common Mistakes that Damage Hair

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil is many people holy grail oil for skin, hair, nails, cooking, and many others. Coconut oil can be used to achieve shinier, thicker and longer locks because it is enriched with lots of nutrients and moisturizing qualities. Here are some other benefits that coconut oil has that you may not know: Itchy Scalp … Continue reading Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Tips On How To Transition To Natural Hair

Making the decision to transition from chemically processed hair to natural hair can be a big decision. Not only does hair hold so much value for many, but can effect our self-esteem, relationships, professions, but it can also change our daily routines. This can be why so many choose to go the transitioning route rather … Continue reading Tips On How To Transition To Natural Hair