Bad Habits that Can Completely Destroy Curly Hair

We can do amazing things to our hair, from twisting, braiding, straightening, dying, cutting and all kinds of other styles. However, curly hair can become damaged the more we do to it. Although, we might think that we are doing everything to keep our hair healthy, it might not be the case. Here are someContinue reading “Bad Habits that Can Completely Destroy Curly Hair”

Too Much Protein: How to tell and how to fix it

A proper balance of moisture and protein is essential to maintaining healthy hair. I previously talked about how too much moisture can be harmful to your hair. Now onto protein. Hair is predominately made up of protein (keratin), and the hair’s surface is really great at absorbs proteins. Many manufacturers of hair products add proteinContinue reading “Too Much Protein: How to tell and how to fix it”

Budget friendly DIY deep conditioners that fight frizz

Routine deep conditioning is vital to keeping your curls healthy, soft and shiny, but it can get a bit expensive over time. The great thing is that there are budget friendly ingredients in your home that can be used  in creating your own effective deep conditioner. These are the recipes that have shown me theContinue reading “Budget friendly DIY deep conditioners that fight frizz”

Products for Low Porosity Curly Hair

Low porosity hair is tricky to maintain. Sometimes products don’t seem to work for our hair even if they are raved about. This is not because the products are bad, but it may be that these products are just not right for your hair type. Porosity has a big role in the way products absorb,Continue reading “Products for Low Porosity Curly Hair”